More Living With Jim BroganListen to “More Living with Jim Brogan” ™ every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on NewsTalk 98.7 FM located in Knoxville, TN and broadcast throughout East Tennessee and worldwide on www.987newstalk.com. Each week Jim, a certified retirement financial advisor, reviews and discusses issues that impact the lives and well-being of those nearing retirement or who are already retired.

“More Living with Jim Brogan” ™ is recognized throughout East Tennessee as the leading source of information for those who are already retired or those who are nearing retirement. Each week, Jim and his expert guests discuss issues like health and fitness, retirement, financial planning, social security, fraud prevention, Medicare and Medicaid, investment advice, prescription drug benefits, and more. Former guests include United States Senator Bob Corker, United States Congressmen John Duncan and Phil Roe, State Senator Jamie Woodson, New York Times Best Selling Author Dan Buettner, State Economist Dr. Bill Fox, “The Biggest Loser’s” Sherri Johnston, Social Security Administrator Jim Dudley, Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner Susan Cooper, and many more.

Since the show began in 2006, Jim has made it his personal mission to help retirees maintain their health, their wealth and their freedom so listeners can live the best years of their lives, their way.