At Brogan Financial, we see a wide variety of clients who have varying goals for the next phase of life. Many wish to enjoy a true retirement, void of a dependence on work to fund their lifestyle. Others wish to merely work in the things that are most important to them, whether it be traditional full-time work, part-time work or charitable initiatives.

Regardless of your own retirement goals, true financial independence is at the centerpiece of a successful life plan. There are many components to a comprehensive financial plan. Many people focus on providing a secure, increasing income. Others focus on the legacy they wish to leave behind for their loved ones.

At Brogan Financial, we believe a comprehensive retirement plan should address the following key areas:

The need for dependable, increasing income for life

Investment management that focuses on achieving your goals

Healthcare catastrophe, the blind spot
of retirement planning

Tax reduction

Creating a legacy of your life

At Brogan Financial, we’re committed to helping you prepare for the future. With a well-developed financial plan that focuses on your life goals, the only surprises should be good ones – grandchildren, weekend getaways, the perfect keepsake souvenir from the trip of a lifetime. Let’s plan now for your retirement needs so you can live your best retirement.

So, how may we serve you and your financial future?We want to help you meet your financial goals and objectives. Get in touch so we can get started.