Did you know that if you’re a 65-yearold woman today, your average life expectancy is 26 years? That would take you to 91 years old. And that’s just average! You could easily be above average and live longer than that. 

Not only are women living longer, but they tend to be living a higher quality of life in those later years. That is only possible, though, if women choose to take care of their bodies and make informed decisions that maximize their personal health and wellness. The benefits when a female takes care of herself radiates, making for a stronger family unit and community.

On today’s show, we are going to talk about different ways that women can improve their overall health and answer questions about health guidelines, exercise, nutrition, and more.

Joining me is Dr. Stephanie Cross and Andrew Henderson. Dr. Cross is an OBGYN and serves as the Director of the Division of Benign Gynecology at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Andrew is the co-owner of 4 Fitness Together locations here in Knoxville, and is a NASM certified personal trainer.

(3:11) Dr. Cross begins by talking about the warning signals she comes across that could signal potential problems with women’s health, the importance of annual exams at different ages, and mammogram screening recommendations.

(11:46) In this segment, Dr. Cross talks about the correlation between breast cancer and hormonal birth control and how lifestyle choices can decrease cancer risk. Andrew Henderson then discusses the effect that fitness and exercise have on a woman’s body, and Dr. Cross rounds out the segment by expanding upon cardiovascular disease, breast cancer risks, and genetic testing.

(25:41) On this week’s Dollars and Sense segment, we discuss the trend of investors fleeing equity mutual funds and ETF index funds and instead migrating towards the perceived safety of bonds.

(31:28) Andrew Henderson details ways women can increase their physical activity levels, what the general fitness recommendations are, the impact of fad diets, and how long it should realistically take to get in shape. 

(38:46) In the last segment, Andrew discusses how fitness and exercise can change as a woman ages and how women can shift their mindset to start exercising more.

If you are interested in contacting Dr. Stephanie Cross or want more information about her practice, visit: utwomensspecialist.org
If you are interested in contacting Andrew Henderson or learning more about Fitness Together, visit: www.knoxft.com