Co-Founder, Vice President of Operations

Dee Dee Brogan, wife of Jim Brogan, serves as an integral part of Brogan Financial as she provides visionary leadership and strategic counsel on all aspects of the organization. Alongside Jim, Dee Dee helps lead the executive, marketing, and client experience teams. Together, the Brogans work hard at cultivating an exceptional experience for clients and building an organization and presence in the community to serve others with passion, genuineness and excellence.

The Brogans married in 1993 and founded Brogan Financial together in 2001. Dee Dee is a native of Columbia, South Carolina, and earned her B.M. in Music Education from Columbia College. She taught music in the schools for five and a half years before focusing on raising their two daughters.

In the community, Dee Dee is well known as a singer and a songwriter. She has released 3 albums and several singles, and she continues to work producing and writing content. She regularly performs for Tennessee sporting events, fundraisers, festivals, private events, and at local public venues. Currently, Dee Dee is working to create a documentary of her music and her life today. She is also working to launch a podcast later this year.

Dee Dee’s passion is connecting with people. She spends her days balancing her time between Brogan Financial, her family, music, and all the things she loves. As a creative leader, Dee Dee is always working hard at something to be impactful.

Dee Dee makes her home with Jim and their daughters in the Knoxville area. She loves to cook, host parties, travel and spend time with her family.