Investment Management

Investment management should begin with a thorough analysis of your life goals. You should invest to achieve the outcome you desire. Whether it’s retirement, financial independence, or having the ability to give abundantly to worthwhile causes or some other goal, a properly crafted investment strategy should focus on what you want your money to provide. We then craft a plan to produce the greatest likelihood you will achieve that outcome.

Ultimately, investments come with risks. At Brogan Financial, we fundamentally believe that markets are unpredictable and volatile. The only certainty is uncertainty. How do you balance risk and reward to attain your financial and life goals?

We have found that many investors do not fully understand the inherent risk in their portfolios. For many, it’s the risk of losing a lot of money in bad markets. For others, it’s the inflationary risk of having all or most of the money in fixed investments with very little return.

No one knows when the next bull or bear market run will begin or end. But it is highly likely that both bull and bear markets will happen. The good news is that you can be very measured in the risks you take.

Your investment plan should include the following key ingredients:

At Brogan Financial, we begin the investment process by focusing on your desired outcomes. We then work with you to construct a plan that provides you with confidence to achieve both short and long-term success. Finally, we educate you as to the potential risks and rewards of your plan, so you can be disciplined through both good markets and bad.