long term care

As we get older, many of us will require some type of long-term care. Whether it’s assisted living, nursing home care, or in-home care, the costs associated with these services can be devastating to your estate and legacy plans. With a private room in nursing homes costing over $100k annually, and growing at a rate

investments income

In the world of investing, you’ll encounter opportunities for both value and growth. The ability to identify the best opportunities at the right time is what makes an investor truly successful. Investing in long-term prospects that return manifold over time is understandable. However, when investing during your retirement years, it’s essential to ensure that your

inflation economy

Inflation is an ever-present threat to our income and savings. According to the latest data, the $100 bill you have in your pocket today will be worth $96.90 next year. As prices go up, your purchasing power heads the opposite way. Your favorite movie ticket or coffee could cost more next month, even if you

Securing Your Legacy

Picture this: you’ve spent years, perhaps even decades, building a successful career, accumulating wealth, and creating a legacy. You have a portfolio that makes even the most seasoned investor tip their hat. But amidst all the hustle and bustle of your thriving life, have you stopped to consider what happens to everything you’ve worked so


A health savings account, or HSA, is a tax-advantaged account that people can use to cover their out-of-pocket medical costs. Compared to regular savings accounts, HSAs turbocharge your ability to cover medical bills, whether you’re already retired or still earning a steady paycheck. But unlocking the full potential of these accounts takes careful planning and


Deciding how to pay for potential long-term care needs down the road is a complex financial planning issue that most retirees need to address. Whether due to illness, injury, or age, many older adults will one day require some type of daily living assistance. With the steep costs of: it’s crucial to have a strategy

Beyond Beating the Market

With the stock market always setting new highs and lows, you may be wondering if you should continue investing or sit on the sidelines until things settle down. But what’s the right choice for you and your financial goals? This decision requires some thoughtful analysis of risk, timelines, and ultimately, what you hope to achieve

future tax planning

For many of us, income taxes are the number one expense we will have over our lifetimes. Many of us pay more in income taxes over our lives than we do even for our housing. Over the next few years, we may see some real opportunities to take advantage of reducing our income taxes both

east Tennessee retirement

East Tennessee is known for its spectacular rolling hills, the Great Smoky Mountains, bluegrass and country music, and barbecue hot off the smoker. Retirement in Tennessee has so many benefits including quality of life, housing affordability, and budget-friendly retirement perks. Quality of Life At just under 2.5 million residents, East Tennessee provides a good balance

60/40 portfolio

The 60/40 portfolio, a mix of 60% stocks or equities and 40% bonds or other fixed-income offerings, has been popular throughout the past several decades. It was developed in the 1960s and grew in popularity much in part due to more stabilized annual returns than only investing into equities. However after a series of bear

Becoming the Financial Compass for Future Generations Brogan Financial

As you’ve been building towards retirement, you have made many financial decisions.  Some good, and perhaps some bad. You may have maxed out your credit card on clothes in your early 20s or chose the wrong payment plan for your car loan or home mortgage. Regardless, you’ve navigated many financial obstacles and gained wisdom that

3 Tax Optimization Strategies to Remember for Retirement Brogan Financial

As you plan for retirement, it’s important to consider tax optimization strategies to minimize your tax liabilities. Here are three key ways to optimize taxes in retirement. Consider the Tax Structure of Your State and Locality Where will you live? Consider living in a tax-friendly state like Tennessee. [1] Many states offer tax breaks for

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