If there is one thing you should invest in as you age, it’s your health. I know people who have spent their health obtaining their wealth, and as they get older, they end up spending their wealth trying to regain their health.

If we don’t feel good in what should be the best years of lives, we’re not realizing the goal. More Living is about being active and feeling good.

So how do you balance eating right and getting enough exercise? I recently talked about this important subject with Kristy Altman and Brian Murphy.

Kristy is a certified group exercise instructor and executive director of the Knoxville Track Club, a nonprofit track and field organization that produces the annual Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, which is coming up on April 3.

Brian is the Biggest Winner of last year’s Fitness Challenge, held in conjunction with the marathon. Brian lost 80 pounds during the challenge and continues to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Listen to my interview with them HERE.