The Power of Giving… I’ve talked on this subject many times and I want to talk about it again today.

This time of year, I think it is critically important that we understand the power of giving. It’s easy in our society, in our materialism, in all the different ways we are inundated with material things and TV and media…to lose the true meaning of Christmas. We love shopping, we love doing all the holiday celebrations, but the reality is, Christmas is about people, it’s about service.

What I love about giving is that, to me, it creates a healthy money/life balance. It recognizes that there are other people who have more needs than I do, and I’m going to make it part of my life. I’m going to help people in need. I think that for most people giving should be a fundamental part of your financial plan. When you making giving part of your life, you get tenfold back. Not necessarily monetarily, but in blessings. It puts our priorities in line and in balance.

When a reporter once asked JD Rockefeller, “How much money is enough?” he responded, “Just a little bit more.” If money is an object, then it’s never enough. If money is a tool to serve people – your family, others in need, church, charity – giving can be so powerful. If it’s not already part of your financial plan, or even if it is, be sure that giving is a fundamental part of your plan and be strategic about it.